McAllen Means Business

At an international crossroads in South Texas, McAllen is built for business. As the retail hub of the Rio Grande Valley, McAllen is always seeking to expand its offering to its citizens and visitors alike. With a population of 140,000 and a regional customer base of 10.3 million people, you can see why McAllen is such an attractive venue for retailers across the nation. We’re prepared to handle all of your business needs as a City and our teams of dedicated development professionals are eager to help your project become a reality. It’s no wonder we’ve been ranked by Forbes and Brookings as among the Top 20 Recession Proof Cities. Come to McAllen and let us show you how your busine$$ meets succe$$.

Development Concierge

A City of McAllen staff member will guide each new retail project through the development process. The Development Concierge will serve as the primary contact for a new business, while he or she advocates for the most expeditious resolution to the process. Our goal is to have stores and restaurants open as quickly as possible because McAllen Means Business.

Expedited Building Permits

Building permit review will be expedited, and the fees normally associated with expediting permits will be waived. All other building permit fees will apply.

Tax Incentives

The City of McAllen will offer tax incentives in accordance with the economic impact of the proposed retail development. Additionally, all new businesses will be assigned a Development Concierge to advocate through zoning, subdivision and permitting.

Sales Per Capita More Than Other Texas Cities

McAllen’s proximity and ability to attract international shoppers positions it as one of the most competitive retail destinations in Texas. Over 15 million international bridge crossings in 2011, helped McAllen generate more retail sales per household than Houston, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, and Dallas. With over twice the retail sales per capita than the State of Texas, McAllen is a valuable market for any retailer looking to expand. This makes McAllen a powerful economic engine and the most coveted shopping destination in South Texas.

Low Cost

In McAllen, your business will find one of the lowest cost of living cities in the State of Texas. The cost of living in McAllen consistently ranks below the National average and is the lowest in Texas primarily because of low housing prices, according to first quarter figures from the American Chamber of Commerce Research Association Cost of Living Index. Additionally, McAllen reinforces its low cost of living by having one of the lowest property tax rates in Texas; 47 cents per $100 assessed property value and a school tax rate of $1.1650 per $100 of assessed property value.