About Corporate Partnerships

Your business goals and objectives are unique to your industry and company so there are no “one size fits all” set of marketing benefits. We will work with your company to create benefits that generate a return on investment and return on objectives for your company while providing valuable services and amenities that enrich the quality of life to the residents of the City of McAllen and surrounding communities.

Our goal is to work with your organization to develop a business strategy that can drive revenue and deliver a positive impact on our community. We tailor each partnership and create a marketing package that we feel will maximize your return on objectives.

Marketing Benefits

Beyond signage, media impressions, and hospitality, the City of McAllen marketing team will help you activate your sponsorship and take it to the next level. It is the process of crafting messages and communication that will help to form the impressions people will have about your company and express who your company is at its core. Your brand will be included in an integrated marketing campaign that will reach millions of impressions.  Our campaign includes digital media, print media, and television as well as onsite branding. Some examples of benefits include:

  • Increase Brand Loyalty
  • Create Awareness and Visibility
  • Key Onsite Exposure
  • Drive sales traffic
  • Showcase community responsibility
  • Sample/Display brand attributes
  • Availability to reach hundreds of thousands of residents of the Rio Grande Valley and surrounding community
  • Availability to impact consumer sales

Connect With The Hispanic Market

The population of the Rio Grande Valley is 1.2 million, Hispanics represent 88.3% of McAllen’s MSA population. McAllen MSA has the 15th largest Hispanic population in the U.S. and is the 6th largest market. If the border communities on the Mexican border were included, the RGV would rise to the number two Hispanic market in the U.S.

Keys To Success

The City of McAllen will conduct evaluation reports, economic impact studies and spectator surveys to determine media evaluation, brand tracking, customer satisfaction and community impact. We will work with your brand to determine metrics for sponsorship evaluation to make sure we are hitting the right benchmarks and improve your overall sponsorship portfolio by evaluating all sponsorship assets and identifying individual performance.


McAllen Marathon Scott Crane Memorial Run

Sunset Live Outdoor Music Festival

PalmFest International Folklife Celebration

McAllen Holiday Parade