About McAllen

McAllen is the largest city in Hidalgo County located in Deep South Texas in an area collectively known as the Rio Grande Valley. Founded in 1911 as a largely agricultural community, McAllen’s rich history has seen it transition from a farming economy to the robust retail market displayed along all avenues throughout the City. Its culture is strengthened by its energetic Hispanic population as well as its proximity to Mexico. Its southern boundary is located approximately five miles from the U.S.–Mexico border along the beautiful Rio Grande River and about 70 miles West of South Padre Island. Known as “The City of Palms”, McAllen’s recent urban developments have been accomplished with careful consideration towards conserving green space and vegetation. McAllen is truly a burgeoning market with a special blend of culture, and big-city appeal with a small-city feel.


McAllen enjoys warm sunshine almost year round with an annual average temperature of 85 degrees and a monthly precipitation average of less than one inch.

Public Safety

McAllen prides itself in having the largest, most modern, progressive police department in South Texas. McAllen’s focus on providing fast, effective public safety services to its citizens and visitors have resulted in the following accomplishments for 2011:

  • Violent Crime Rate decreased approximately: -19.8%
  • Property Crime Rate decreased approximately: -22.3 %
  • Overall Crime Rate decreased approximately: -22.2%

McAllen’s Police Department strives to promote McAllen as a safe city and to prevent crime through the application of technology. McAllen utilizes cameras and community policing initiatives to accomplish these goals. Finally, by maintaining a flexible police force, McAllen is responsive to the needs of the community.