McAllen’s conscious response to fostering responsible growth has led to the successful implementation of several “green” projects which have been recognized as award winning initiatives by the State of Texas and by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Green projects include implementing programs aimed at reducing and diverting municipal solid waste from the landfill. Additionally, McAllen has created innovative public-private partnerships in order to promote composting and recycling in the community. McAllen’s goal is to promote environmentally conscious growth in its community.


Public Transportation: McAllen Express Transit and Central Station (Bus Terminal) is a fuel efficient transit system which is committed to and has incorporated the use of an electric powered bus system. The McAllen Metro, the City’s bus service, offers routes throughout the City of McAllen with stops conveniently located near all major shopping centers for residents and visitors to utilize. McAllen has seen a 22% increase in ridership, culminating in a peak of 426,593 trips taken in 2010. Metro McAllen currently operates seven (7) intracity bus routes and a paratransit bus service for eligible patrons. The bus system hubs out of the downtown terminal facility where passengers can connect to an array of international, national, regional and intracity destinations.


With over 60 parks throughout the City of McAllen, there’s something for everyone. McAllen’s diverse offering of parks includes sunken gardens, an amphitheatre, and an outdoor concert series for music aficionados.

Hike and Bike Trails: McAllen’s linear parks include over 14 miles of hike and bike trails for citizens and visitors to enjoy. The trails feature native vegetation and a “History of the Universe” art exhibit which add to the trail’s appeal.

School Parks: McAllen’s partnership with the McAllen Independent School District has created a unique opportunity to offer citizens and visitors of McAllen with much needed recreational space. The school parks feature soccer fields, basketball courts, and large playground areas.

Community Facilities: McAllen has a diverse offering of community facilities which cater to participants of all ages. Senior citizens can take part in group activities and children can benefit from after-school programs.