City at a Glance

Population Growth

Population growth is the key to sustaining positive economic growth. Accordingly, McAllen has seen its population increase 22% over the ten year period between the years 2000-2010. McAllen’s leadership has recognized the need to attract a creative class and has implemented programs to make the City more attractive to its target audience such as creating an Arts and Entertainment District. With McAllen’s continued growing population, your company will find a community wanting a diverse offering of products and services to fit its growing needs.

With a daily average daytime population increase of +20,620 (+19.4%), McAllen has been highly successful in attracting customers to its shopping venues.


McAllen is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. From 2000 to 2010 the population of the McAllen Metro increased over 35% surpassing the growth percentage of Texas and the U.S.

The steady growth of the McAllen Metro area is highlighted in the population forecast. The metro area comprised of Hidalgo and Cameron county is forecasted to double in growth by the year 2040.

Age Distribution

Skilled workforce is one of the main requirements when companies look at cities to locate their operations. Educational institutions from the primary stage to the graduate level are key for McAllen to remain a competitive city in the retail selection process. With many excellent schools, colleges, and universities McAllen is becoming a premier place for education. Twenty nine percent of the population holds a Bachelor’s degree or higher beating state and national averages of 26 and 28 percent, respectively. McAllen offers the ideal demographics for a company looking to expand, open, or relocate. The area boasts a fast-growing population which is young, educated and eager to staff your project.